“ T r a n s f o r m a t i o n s ”:   Reviews   (see photos)  

“...van der Voort’s amazing distinction in voice, accent, posture, and body language of each character... Everything was done so accurately and smoothly that it has set a new bar for one-actor shows...The show in its entirety was compelling and effective.” — Ariana Simpson, The Sandspur

“To translate an idea into a fully realized drama is no small feat! Beyond that - to create a piece that is wise and illuminating is a giant step. As a result, you transported us with your fine characterizations and insights.” — G.K.

“I really appreciated that you gave transgender lives more than a surface treatment and found the humanity... I was very, very impressed. Sometimes for me "awareness" can be too preachy, or "educational" content can be too basic for a self-selecting audience — but you avoided both those pitfalls nicely. I'm particularly impressed by your bold move to answer the Ask-It Basket in character... you really were doing improv there. Making the whole thing exist in the "support group" framework, up to and including the cell-phone/photography announcement, was very immersive and another stroke of genius.“ — E.L.

“We were bowled over by your show! Great writing, terrific acting, wonderful comedy.” — J.T.

“What a very rare and special experience . . . I was reminded of two shows I saw, written mostly and performed by Lily Tomlin. Like her, you inhabit your people (characters), and we feel for them.” — B.K.

“. . . You are absolutely brilliant! The show was fantastic.” — S.S.

“Y mas FELICIDADES! You made a terrific piece: inspiring, thoughtful, delightful, and informative . . . thank you for your incredible talent and energy.” — K.A.

“WOW!!! Awesome performance last night! . . . I was very moved with the stories of each person but especially the cross dresser and Richard. I cried during those. . . It does help me understand not only the various gender roles but the deep seated struggles, emotions, turmoils and rejection of what each person goes through.” — D.M.

“Martie, your play was superb. . . I liked that you included a few non-transgender characters who talk about how their partners, or family members” transformations affected them. . . you seemlessly transitioned from character to character. . .î — G.M.